Professor Green

One of the UK's finest rappers

Stephen Paul Manderson was born on 27th November 1983 in Hackney, London, but he’s better known as Professor Green. 

You see that “Lucky” tattoo across the left side of his neck? It’s “lucky” because that’s where he was stabbed with a broken bottle when attacked in a nightclub. It shows the guy’s dry sense of humour, which is arguably what makes him so successful. 

He’s an intelligent chap (that’s where the ‘Professor’ part of his name comes from), and it mixes well with his sharp tongue. This is what got him into music in the first place. He “fell in to rapping accidentally” at a friend’s party. A free-styling battle was waging, and he got put on the spot. Fortunately it went rather well, and it encouraged him to enter the freestyle night LyricPad. Despite no experience in freestyling, he won and was soon spotted by a scout from Mike Skinner’s The Beats record label.

However, The Beats label went under in February 2008. Not one to be struck down, Green went on to win the inaugural JumpOff MySpace battle rap tournament shortly after. He also worked with fellow MySpacer Lily Allen on her 2009 tour, and was eventually signed by Virgin Records.

He released his debut album Alive Till I’m Dead and enjoyed massive chart success, and the rest (as they say) is history! Check out our Pro Green interview below.